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Our courses are aimed at teaching you the techniques that matter most in creating successful websites. We teach you the latest technologies and the best ways to implement them in all scenarios. Not only will you learn the actual technologies and techniques but also how to start your own business as well as making extra income by selling your services online. After completion you will recieve a certificate but most importantly also have the know-how to generate extra income immediately, gauranteed. We also assist you in job placements if you prefer working for someone and keep you in the loop with local and international digital design positions. The web designing world is in a very exciting stage at the moment with HTML5 and design for mobile devices being very popular, almost re-creating that buzz as web design was in the beginning. Don't fall behind. Now is a great time to get into web design.


Our Courses.

Please visit our courses website for more information. (Website under construction - Link will be posted soon)

  • The Fundamentals of Web Design.
  • Introduction to Web Design.
  • Advanced Web Applications.
  • Design for Mobile Devices.
  • HTML 5 & CSS 3.
  • Content Management Sytems.
  • Building Data Driven Web Applications - PHP & MySQL.


Coming Soon

  • Introduction to Computers - Pre Requisite for above courses, aimed at using adobe applications.
  • The Fundamentals of New Media - Video.
  • Adobe Flash with ActionScript. ( Coming Very Soon )
  • HTML, CSS, XML, PHP & MySQL- Introduction.


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We know that You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so we make sure that first impression lasts through clever development and Emotional design.




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